Direct to Consumer

We’re really direct to purchaser SUP local organization. We play in both the top of the line and low-end of the board advertise. A few sheets we offer are contract produced in Thailand at a similar manufacturing plant that the top notch brands (and premium valued) in surf and SUP utilize. Other Wild Flower MTB SUP loads up to focus on the esteem informed buyer and is contract produced in China at similar manufacturing plants that the low-end (and now and again joined by flawed quality) organizations utilize. We import directly to San Diego and offer straightforwardly to general society at discount costs at our beachside San Diego retail store and online countrywide at the conspicuous


The mix of direct nearby deals, yet enormous overall reach because of our noteworthy web nearness gives the vibe and skill of purchasing from a neighborhood surf shop, yet the financial matters of scale points of interest of buying directly from a SUP distributer. We use these upper hands to offer some incentive at both closures of the market. For our valuable clients, we do all this by cutting the cost on top of the line stand up surfing sheets (while coordinating quality) and raise the quality on minimal effort SUP sheets (while coordinating costs).