The Wild Flower MTB Company

Wild Flower MTB Paddle Boards, or Wild Flower MTB, is a committed stand-up boarding brand. As a Brisbane organization deliberately situated in the heart of Brisbane, our operations are at the epicenter of the overall surf culture for over a significant portion of a century. Our SUP organization was established two pieces from the surf and seven squares from Mission Bay, a heaven of more than 4000 sections of land of stand up level water paddling.


While we are physically entwined inside the surf group, our nearness stretches far and wide on account of our administration groups Internet adroit and eCommerce ability. Though most SUP organizations pulled into the unique market from the surf business and carried with them that perspective, Wild Flower MTB originates from a more large customer items and administrations foundation. In this way contrasted with the mind more important part of the SUP paddle, paddle board and extras advertise, Wild Flower MTB is somewhat unique. The Wild Flower MTB plan of action is not obliged by the 3-layer inheritance surf shop dispersion to show that 95% of the SUP retail and SUP discount market is fixing to. Untethered, we showcase and offer directly.